Participants are encouraged to submit a working prototype, or more polished solution on Saturday, March 26 at 9am which will be judged as follows:


  • App must be functional (not necessarily a final product)
  • App must be available on a public server
  • Appealing user experience and mobile friendly

[Architecture] Be as innovative as you'd like.

[UI] Polish, flow, consistent color schemes, graphics.

[Innovation] Your submission should be an original, creative concept but you are free to build from scratch or enhance another open source project.

On Saturday, March 26th at Trailhead teams will get three minutes to introduce their team and the concept / creative direction of their app. All teams will participate in a brief Q&A with audience and judges last 2 minutes.

*Code of Conduct* 

All participants are expect to conduct themselves in a friendly and professional manner at all times. Any instances of verbal or physical abuse, bullying, intimidation, or other behaviors that could be otherwise construed as threatening or distracting to other participants will be grounds for elimination from the event.